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TO: All Stations
FR: Tony Morris
DT: September 7, 2016
Program ID# 16-36
Title: 16-36 Music and Politics/ Interviews: O'Dette, McFarlane, Romero, Barrueco
Total Length: 58:57

In Cue: MUSIC IN "Hello and welcome to.."
Out Cue: MUSIC IN "...another edition of Classical Guitar Alive!"
Program Length: 58:57


Bizet: Carmen Suite: Prelude
Los Romeros (Philips 412-609)


Dowland: Mrs. White's Thing, P50
Paul O'Dette, lute (Harmonia Mundi 907160)

Interview: Paul O'Dette: "We don't know much about his early life... ...he saw a new musical style taking over, of which he didn't approve."

Dowland: 2 Galliards, P104, P35
Paul O'Dette, lute (Harmonia Mundi 907160)

Interview: Ronn McFarlane: "Catholics were not persecuted to the extent that Protestants were duing Bloody Mary's reign. At the same time, Catholics were in a lot of disfavor during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. And for William Byrd to hold this position that he did, at the Royal Chapel, creating music for Queen Elizabeth, devotional music... ...He must have been very much valued by Queen Elizabeth."

Byrd: Galliard
Ronn McFarlane, lute (Harmonia Mundi 907160)

Interview: Pepe Romero: "Because my father was in Malaga, he fought against Franco's forces. He was in a group of artists and musicians that were very liberal thinkers that wanted freedom for Spain, and that whose ideas were the very opposite of what Franco and the Fascist government stood for. Therefore, many of them had a much worse fate, like Garcia Lorca, Antonio Jose. And my father was just prevented from leaving Spain... ...and he performed magnificently-inspired concerts for us."

Celedonio Romero: Concerto de Malaga
Pepe Romero, guitar
Acad. St. Martin-in-the-Fields
Neville Marriner, cond. (Philips 411-133)

Interview: Manuel Barrueco: "Whenever you talk about Cuba, almost invariably people think of politics... ...there was this euphoric feeling, just being here and sensing that there was a future, in a way. And that future wasn't being afraid of my parents being picked up by the police or something because of having said something against the government."
Brouwer: Danza de las Diosas Negras
Manuel Barrueco, guitar (EMI 56757)

Michael Daugherty: Bay of Pigs: Anthem
Manuel Barrueco, guitar
Cuarteto LatinoAmerica (Tonar Music 2008)


This week's edition of Classical Guitar Alive! features a look at how political events have shaped music history from the 16th Century to 20th Century, and features interviews with lutenists Paul O’Dette, Ronn McFarlane, and guitarists Pepe Romero and Manuel Barrueco.

The program begins with music of Elizabethan lutenist-composer John Dowland (1563-1626). In an interview with lutenist Paul O'Dette, he discusses how Dowland was implicated in a plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I, and why Dowland failed to attain a major court position until very late in life.

Lutenist Ronn McFarlane discusses how one of Dowland’s contemporaries, William Byrd (1543-1623) fared much better as the head of Queen Elizabeth's Royal Chapel. Despite being fined for being a practicing Catholic in Protestant England, Byrd held his royal post until the end of his life.

Pepe Romero tells how his father Celedonio Romero(1913-1996) was prevented by Fascist dictator Generalissimo Francisco Franco (1892-1975) from concertizing outside of Spain, due to Celedonio Romero’s participation in the Spanish Civil War against Franco. The Romero family immigrated to the USA in 1957, and then performed world-wide as Los Romeros Guitar Quartet. Pepe Romero performs his father’s flamenco-based work, "Concierto de Malaga".

Manuel Barrueco's family also immigrated to the United States to escape the oppression. In this 1998 interview, Barrueco discusses his EMI CD titled "Cuba!", which he dedicated to many Cubans who died in the Florida Straits while trying to escape to the United States. He also discusses his experiences as a child in Cuba, and the repercussions of being branded a "worm", or non-communist, while awaiting government permission to emigrate. The program closes with "Dance of the Black Goddesses" by Leo Brouwer and the Anthem from Michael Daugherty's piece "Bay of Pigs" for guitar quintet.

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