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February 3, 2016 "16-05 Film Scores/Mark Mancina Interview"

Jose Lezcano

You can hear this special edition of Classical Guitar Alive!, featuring some of the best film scores with guitar and a fascinating and candid interview with 3-time Grammy-winning film score composer & classical guitarist Mark Mancina right here, right now, from anywhere in the world!:

Program ID# 16-05
Title: 16-04 Film Scores/Mark Mancina Interview
Feed date and time: Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Total length:58:57

In Cue: MUSIC IN "Hello and welcome to.."
Out Cue: MUSIC IN "...another edition of Classical Guitar Alive!"
Program Length: 58:57


Bizet: Carmen Suite: Prelude
Los Romeros (Philips 412-609)

Assad: NATSU NO NIWA:Watermelon
Sergio & Odair Assad, guitars (GHA 126-029)

Interview: Mark Mancina: "What was the thing that got you in the door?... ..if I copied that, I'd have to hang myself or something."

Mark Mancina: MOLL FLANDERS: Moll's Jig (1996 Polygram Records 429H)

Renata Tarrago, guitar Romance for guitar & orch.
John Barry, cond. (Retrograde 80124)

Interview: Mark Mancina: "My big break came; I did a movie called 'True Romance'... agents were like, 'Oh...that's unfortunate."
Mark Mancina: IMAGINE THAT: Quali Dance (2009 Paramount Pictures)

Excerpt from THE COWBOYS, courtesy Warner Home Video:
Vivaldi: Concerto in D: Adagio
John Williams, cond./arranger (Warner Home Video)

Interview: Mark Mancina: "One of the super-huge projects you were involved in was 'THE LION KING.' How did... ...those were life-changing."

Luiz Bonfa, Antonio Jobim, guitars (Fontana 67520)

Laurindo Almeida, guitar Claudia's Theme
Lennie Niehaus, cond./arranger (Varese Sarabande 5380)

LABOR DAY: Sor : Etude 19
Pepe Romero, guitar (Philips 434-727)
Torroba: Montemayor
Andres Segovia, guitar (MCA 42067)

Interview: Mark Mancina: "How do you balance your own needs as an artist versus...'s always been a difficult thing, it's a very weird job."

Mark Mancina: AUGUST RUSH: Lullabye (2009 WaterTower Music)

Assad: NATSU NO NIWA: Walk
Sergio & Odair Assad, guitars (GHA 126-029)



This week's edition of CLASSICAL GUITAR ALIVE! features music from films and an interview with an October 2015 interview with one of Hollywood's leading composers: guitaris/keyboardist/composer Mark Mancina, who wrote music for films including Twister, Training Day, Bad Boys, Speed, Con Air, Planes, Tarzan, the upcoming Disney animated feature Moana, and produced Elton John's songs for The Lion King.

The program begins with Sergio Assad's score for the Japanese film NATSU NO NIWA, or THE SUMMER GARDEN.

In this first interview excerpt, Mark Mancina relates how he started by hustling theme music gigs for local businesses, and landed his first job as a composer was for a VHS video, a hunting instructional video on how to gut a deer(!). His piece "Moll's Jig" is from the film MOLL FLANDERS.

John Barry's 14 minute quasi-guitar concerto, "Romance for Guitar & Orchestra", as an integral part of the 1968 British film DEADFALL. Guitarist Renata Tarrago performs the piece in a concert scene in the film while a burglary takes place. The film cuts back and forth between scenes of the concert and a jewel heist in a race against time.

In the second interview excerpt with Mark Mancina, he describes his big break, and writing cues for film composer Hans Zimmer led to Director Jan de Bont's invitation to write the score to the blockbuster film SPEED. The program continues with Quali Dance from Mark Mancina's score to IMAGINE THAT (2009).

The program continues with an excerpt from the 1972 Warner film THE COWBOYS, starring John Wayne. In this campfire scene, a young boy strums music of Vivaldi on his guitar. This arrangement by composer John Williams serves as a dramatic underpinning to a very poignant scene. It also clearly demonstrates the raw emotional power of the guitar and its ability to dramatically impact the mood of a scene.

In the third interview excerpt with Mark Mancina, he relates the life-changing experience of how he came to produce Elton John's songs for THE LION KING, which led to composing music for the long-running stage musical.

BLACK ORPHEUS (1958) was awarded the Oscar for Best Foreign Film. The film started the Bossa Nova craze in the US with its score by Luiz Bonfa and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Actor/Director and jazz aficionado Clint Eastwood composed "Claudia's Theme" for his 1992 western UNFORGIVEN. Lennie Niehaus orchestrated Eastwood's theme in his score. This features one of the final performances of guitarist Laurindo Almeida.

Two pieces from the classical guitar repertory, Sor's Etude 19, and Torroba's Montemayor, were used in the drama LABOR DAY.

In the fourth and final interview excerpt with Mark Mancina, he illustrates the up/down nature of the film music industry, by relating the stories of how the song Over the Rainbow was initially cut from THE WIZARD OF OZ, and how Bernard Herrmann's score to 2001 was discarded.

The program concludes with Walk on a Bridge, from Sergio Assad's score for the Japanese film NATSU NO NIWA, or THE SUMMER GARDEN.


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