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July 17, 2007 "French Composers/Paul Galbraith Interview"
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This week's edition of Classical Guitar Alive! features music by French composers Debussy, Ibert, Bizet, Bozza, and Saint-Saens, plus a 2007 interview with Paul Galbraith.

From a 2007 interview, Grammy-nominated 8-string guitarist Paul Galbraith discusses how his early piano studies shaped his unusual approach to the guitar. His recording of Debussy's Children's Corner Suite is from his latest Delos CD, "French Impressions."

Duozona, the Arizona-based flute & guitar duo of Chuck and Theresa Hulihan, perform Jacques Ibert's Spanish-influenced piece "Paraboles".

Georges Bizet (1838-1875) was also a French composer enamored with Spanish music, as evident from his opera "Carmen." His first and only Symphony was composed at age 17 and was lost for many years and rediscovered in 1935, when it was first performed. The Amsterdam Guitar Trio performs their arrangement.

The program continues with Duozona's recording of Eugene Bozza's (1905-1991) Serenade.

The program concludes with conductor/guitarist/ JoAnn Falletta performing her chamber music arrangement of Camille Saint-Saens' (1835-1921) "Tarantella" for flute, clarinet, and guitar.

Public Rado Satellite System uplink:
Wednesday, July 18, 2007 at 1300 Eastern Time digital stereo channel: A68.1

Program ID# 07-D65-00029
Title: French Composers/Paul Galbraith Interview
Total length: 58:50

In Cue: MUSIC IN "Hello and welcome to.."
Out Cue: MUSIC IN "...another edition of Classical Guitar Alive!"
Program Length: 56:26


Bizet: Carmen Suite: Prelude
Los Romeros (Philips 412-609)


Interview: Paul Galbraith:
"I used to play piano a lot as a kid... ...a few days on the actual instrument, and suddenly it's there."

Debussy: Children's Corner Suite
Paul Galbraith, guitar
(Delos Recordings 3250)

Jacques Ibert: Paraboles
Duozona, flute & guitar duo
(Emeritus 20071)

Bizet: Symphony
Amsterdam Guitar Trio
(Stemra 99178)

Eugene Bozza: Serenade
Duozona, flute & guitar duo
(Emeritus 20071)

Camille Saint-Saens: Tarantella
Debra Wendells Cross, flute
Robert Alemany, clarinet
JoAnn Falletta, guitar
(Virgina Arts Festival 901)


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