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April 3, 2006 "Brazilian GQ, Kuropacewski Interview"
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This week's program features interviews with the Brazilian Guitar Quartet, and the young Polish virtuoso Lukasz Kuropaczewski, and a tribute to English composer John Duarte (October 2, 1919- December 23, 2004).

The program begins with lutenist Richard Stone's reconstruction of Silvius Leopold Weiss's Lute Concerto in C, based on the lute part. Weiss's original orchestral parts to this piece were destroyed in World War II, and only the solo lute part survives.

In an interview taped in January of 2005, shortly before their sold-out concert performance at the University of Texas at Austin Performing Arts Center, Brazilian Guitar Quartet member Luiz Mantovani discusses the quartet's philosophy towards arrangements.

The young Polish guitarist Lukasz Kuropaczewski, who discusses the Eduardo Sainz de la Maza's programmatic piece, "Platero y Yo". The program concludes with a tribute to the prolific English composer, arranger, and critic John Duarte performed by the Heim flute and guitar duo.

Public Radio Satellite System uplink:
Wednesday, April 4, 2007 at 1300 ET Channel: A68.1

Program ID# 07-D65-0014
Title: Brazilian GQ, Kuropacewski Interview
Total length: 58:23

In Cue: MUSIC IN "Hello and welcome to.."
Out Cue: MUSIC IN "...another edition of Classical Guitar Alive!"
Program Length: 58:23


Bizet: Carmen Suite: Prelude
Los Romeros (Philips 412-609)


Weiss: Concerto in C
Richard Stone, lute
Tempesta di Mare
(Chandos 707)

Interview with Luiz Mantovani:
"We only play music that we find really fits this instrumentation....'s like Segovia used to say, arrangements are like if a beautiful lady changes her clothes, one beautiful dress, to another beautiful dress, but it's the same essence."

Antonio Carlos Gomes: Sonata in D
Brazilian Guitar Quartet
(Delos 3245)

Interview with Lukasz Kuropaczewski:
"Eduardo Sainz de la Maza read a book of poetry... ...this is a very important piece in my life, and I love this music."

Eduardo Sainz de la Maza: Platero y Yo
Lukasz Kuropaczewski, guitar
(Professional Music Press 405-508)

John Duarte: English Suite, op. 82
Annette Heim, flute
Brett Heim, guitar
(Centaur 2559)


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