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January 9, 2007 "Folk Influenced Music/ Dale Kavanagh interview"
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This week's edition of Classical Guitar Alive! features music influenced or inspired by folk traditions, and an interview with Canadian guitarist Dale Kavanagh.

The program begins with Dietmar Ungarrank's Chinese folk music/art inspired work, "Wind on the Hill", performed by one of China's exceptionally fine young guitarists, Xuefei Yang.

Argentine guitarist-composer Jorge Morel uses several native South American traditional dance forms for his "Fantasia de la Danza", for guitar and orchestra, including the Vidala, the Milonga, and the Malambo.

Canadian guitarist Dale Kavanagh discusses Domeniconi's "Variations on an Anatolian Folksong." Carlo Domeniconi is best known for another Turkish music-inspired solo guitar work, "Koyunbaba." Unlike the free-flowing improvisatory nature of "Koyunbaba", his "Variations on an Anatolian Folksong" uses a straightforward theme, variations, finale, and theme for its structure. The work is based on the song, "Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayim", or "I go the long narrow way", by the blind Turkish folksinger Asik Veysel.

Bulgarian musician Atanas Ourkouzounov is both a virtuoso guitar performer and prolific composer. Many of his works utilize elements from Eastern European folk traditions, including his Divertimento for two guitars, flute, and cello.

Arnold Black's "Laments and Dances from the Irish" for two guitars and string quartet is based on the melodies of blind Irish harpist/balladeer Turlough O'Carolan.

Public Radio Satellite System uplink:
Wednesday, January 10, 2007 at 1300 ET Channel: A68.1

Program ID# 07-D65-00002
Title: Folk Influenced Music/ Dale Kavanagh interview
Total length: 58:43

In Cue: MUSIC IN "Hello and welcome to.."
Out Cue: MUSIC IN "...another edition of Classical Guitar Alive!"
Program Length: 58:43


Bizet: Carmen Suite: Prelude
Los Romeros (Philips 412-609)


Ungerrank: Wind on the Hill
Xuefei Yang, guitar
(GSP 1028)

Morel: Fantasia de la Danza
Krzysztof Pelech, guitar
Capella Bydgostiensis
Michal Nesterowicz, cond.
(Luthier Music)

Interview: Kavanagh:
"When you go to Turkey, everybody knows this beautiful, beautiful folk song... ...but it's a very beautiful and exciting piece."

Domeniconi: Var. on Anatolian Folk Song
Dale Kavanagh, guitar
(Hanssler Classic 98350)

Ourkouzounov: Divertimento
Ourkouzounov Ensemble
(KLE 1-2003)

Black: Laments and Dances from Irish
Newman Oltman Duo
Turtle Island String Quartet
(Music Masters 67145)


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